To do or not to do ? What do we do?

Theory and Practice

Listening to more ‘SCIENCE’ reports this morning you know the ones that say if you do this or don’t do that it will kill you or be good for you.. You know the ones about providing ‘advice’ on how much sleep we should have, how much coffee or wine to drink, foods that are in, foods that are out!!. Things that were once thought to be beneficial now detrimental.

There is so much conflicting information out there I understand when people feel overwhelmed trying wade through it all. When we are already weighed down by all our other daily responsibilities and tasks and decisions.

There needs to be a socially responsibile way of dissemination of health related information, that is coherent and clear. Confusion adds to stress and to a society that is already under-pressure it does not help.

Its hard to gauge on current information  If you sleep too much or not enough, if your eating the right or wrong Foods, what you need to know about Superfoods and are you taking both a  Prebiotic and a  Probiotic ????

No doubt someone always benefits when people are confused. Clever Marketing opportunity. Confused people are   are easy to sell to and manipulate with pseudoscience and partial truths because we all want to path of least resistance and if someone ‘makes that decision for us’ !!! one less thing to think about. Covert and stealth marketing techniques crave confusion so that they can optimise on sales.

Health should be valued and have our best interests at heart- really creating a healthy society from a mind body perspective. People should not be used and manipulated into buying something that may not work for them.When they could have used that ‘disposable income’ on something of better value.

When in doubt and while doing your own research , go back to basics. Find what you need based on your body and your lifestyle.  Nourish yourself and connect to your own mind body needs. The more you know about you the better. Then you can seek out what’s essential and what’s desirable to be in the best health for you and adjust accordingly.