EOE Conference

Mind Body Work in Nature Connection Session


Presenting a workshop at the European Outdoor Educators (EOE) conference last week September 19th to 23rd 2018.
The conference theme was “The Mediation of Experiences by Technology in the Outdoors” and we presented in the category of ‘Uses and consequences of digital equipment in the outdoors’

The Workshop  itself was entitled Nature and the Soul : Exploring Biophilia our innate connection to nature and the role of technology in connecting us back to nature and our selves.

I love the term Biophilia  it captures my imagination and deep understanding of nature connection work that I have and want to invite others to experience.

Our innate connection to nature and Life and the role of technology in connecting us back to nature and ourselves. This workshop aimed to present the idea /concept of Biophilia.
Biophilia is a termed coined by psychoanalyst Erich Fromm and described it as “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive.” and Later developed by Wilson and it is essentially the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.

We also wish to acknowledging that there has been a divergence from the natural world in contemporary social living and this is accelerated with the introduction of technological developments.  Technology has no doubt impacted on human interaction with the land (some argue both positive and negative ways), however the impact on people is that they have become protected from the elements leading to a biophobia (fear of nature).

In our practical session we provided an experiential workshop that would reflect on how technology could be used to tackle this biophobia and be part of a solution focused manner of reconnecting us with ourselves, each other and to the environment in an ecocentric manner.

We explored the idea that we are humans are naturally intrigued by the aesthetics of the natural world, the diversity and richness of landscapes, the colours, natural sounds, the changing of the seasons ,the shapes and the beautiful natural metaphors for life and how we as humans aim to capture it in paintings, photos, poetry and how technology and support this process.

We intended to bring attention to the spiritual aspects of nature and its role in human growth and development and how technology can support this. The Session utilised indoors and outdoor space as a basis for comparison.
facilitated on the day by Jenny & Yesim