Honour Yourself in Order to Honour Others

Speaking with a Client lately I heard how they struggled with the idea of loving themselves and not wanting to appear arrogant….too often its those that fear being arrogant that are so far away from actually being it.

I try to encourage my clients to honour themselves so that they have space inside then to honour others.
If you do not give to yourself first you become resentful later of other and how much you give them.
In order to operate and give love from a healthy place you need to start with yourself.
You need to be able to accept all of yourself the good the bad and that undefined. When you accept your own humanity you can
then hold space for another, realise that we all make mistakes and we all deserve understanding.
I like to use compassion based medication and affirmations for part of this work because you get to focus on yourself and others.
I am also passionate about using nature to aid this connection. If we can learn to honour the earth and form that connection we can
learn to honour ourselves. Nature connection can mirror to us our side world.