Nature Connection Activity 1 : The Healing Power of Water


The Nature Connection Activity Posts are Simple activities that can take anything from 5 minutes to 5 hours. Its all about using your time in nature to connect to yourself.

This activity channels the Healing power of water
Water is always a powerful healing tool. If you are near the sea, lakes or river or small canal find a sit spot. A sit spot is a place where you feel called to and comfortable and you will use the surrounding area for reflections. Sit somewhere comfortable beside the water.

When your near the water you can have the sensory experience of just listening to the water, slowly flowing or falling or quiet gurgling. You can watching ripples forming as leaves fall down, fish jump, birds skim or dragonflies pass over.  Perhaps you will just sit quietly and watch the sunlight reflect off the water’s surface.  Use this visual to help you meditate 

Research shows that Water sounds and vibrations calm our brains and nervous systems.

When using water as  a metaphor we can think that moving waters symbolise :
Going with the flow,
Letting go,
Ceative energy

Where in your life are you going with the flow or letting go ?

Still waters symbolise self-reflection that idea that Still waters run deep

If possible, feel the water with your hands and feet, is it cool or warm….how does it feel on your skin?

Allow the water to massage and refresh your feet notice how the water temperature changes the longer your feet are in…or as a new current passes through…..