Unfold Your Own Myth

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth” – Rumi

Thought from the reading of Rumi

The quote  above offers the invitation to go in search of your own myth and truth. To not just to be content with what you have been told is your story, but to decide that you are writing your own. Knowing that your own individual story is as valued to the collective as any other.

Joseph Campbell talks about the Hero’s Journey as being like the one journey, that appears in all myths and stories. He recognised that there is a path that all people take in the discovery of who they are, and the development of their own inner hero.

Your  hero’s journey will contain all the elements of any other heroes story. All heroes walk a path faced with similar adversities that take different shapes. While you might not face dragons, there may be events or crisis or people that you face that are ‘your dragon’.

Wellbeing is about how we unfold our own myth, how we align with who we are and who we wish to become as we experience, learn and grow.