Coaching for Potential

Nature and the Soul



coaching for potential 

The Challenge

Everyday life is hectic and demanding and quite often we don’t create enough space to tune into our needs. Over time this leads us to becomeing further away from our authentic selves and we loose touch with our selves. Creating discrepencies between who we are and who we desire to be. This can lead to an inner conflict.

The Solution

Reconnect with yourself with Coaching. This can be done in a variety of ways and each individual can speand time finding what works for them. We use expressive arts and nature based work. This methods have been used by people since the begining of time.



Personal Discovery

Coaching Sessions

Days in Nature

Amazing Experience

Nature and the Soul 

This is a specialised Coaching Programme involving 6 sessions

Initiation session

A comprehensive needs analysis and goal definition

Nature based session

3 days 2 nigths in a nature based setting with a group of liked minded individuals

Aftercare session

The after care is about maintenance of the progress and continous personal development


Coaching  Options Nature Based  & Online

One to One Coaching : Nature Based meetin in a natural Setting and work on aspects of emotional wellbeing utilising nature as part of the therapeutic process.

Working with a coach online to support growth and development. Using zoom for video conference call.

Nature & the Soul