Eramus + Projects

Eramus + Projects

Erasmus Plus Partnership Projects

Some of the projects we have been involved in the last couple of years as a project Partner with Eramus plus.


Facilitation for All : Austria

Internation training for youthworkers to design, develop and evaulate a higher standard of youth project.

Creative Potential : Scotland

Creative Potential focused on building youthworker capactity to support young people to become involved in social enterprise and for organisations to develop new skills in the area of social enterprise development. 

Natural Minds : Romania

A training course to develop the skills of youthworkers and those professionals working with youth to enhance their skills in working with youth in nature for holistic development.

Into the Woods : Lithuhania 

A youth Exchange for young people where they had the opportunity to share postive experiences with youth from around europe in a natural environment . young people activly participated in the project and facilitated their own workshops.

Competences Unplugged : Scotland 

Youth workers and professionals working with youth had the opportunity to develop their skills and tool boxes to get the very best out of young people. Developing the competencies of youth in a variety of fields, knowledge, skills and values.